Campus Charter School

At Campus Charter School each child is viewed as a unique person with an individual pattern of growth and development. The school’s philosophy is based on empowering each student to learn and succeed by offering many paths to knowledge.

The school provides an innovative educational environment where children are encouraged to be active and curious learners. The latest research in brain development and learning theory is used to design a creative and dynamic curriculum that meets the needs of the individual child. Each classroom provides a technology-rich environment that averages one computer per two students.

As a Florida Reading Initiative School, there is a focus on research-driven reading instruction that produces permanent improvements in the academic performance of all students. Proficient reading skills hold the key to future success in school and life.

The curriculum develops children’s knowledge and skills in all developmental areas — intellectual, social, physical and emotional. Multi-age classes emphasize a sense of community and cooperative learning. Parents and teachers work together to plan the child’s educational experiences. Parents are involved through workshops, portfolio conferences and home visits.

Outside of class, students have opportunities to shine in performance groups including chorus and recorder, flag and rifle corps and jump rope team.

3815 Curtis Blvd., Port St. John, FL 32927 • Tel (321) 633-8234

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