Charter Schools

Charter Schools are independently governed and free standing public schools which offer parents and students another choice in public education outside the “traditional” school district system.  Founded by educators, parents, community groups or private organizations, each charter school is governed by its own school board and operates under a performance contract with its sponsor, the Brevard Public School District (BPS).  As its sponsor, BPS, through the Office of School Choice, monitors each charter school for compliance with all local, state and federal regulations and mandates.

A charter school’s purpose is to challenge standard educational practices and offer innovative opportunities for student learning and achievement.  Many of Brevard’s charter schools specialize in a particular area such as technology, the arts or a back-to-basics core-subjects approach.  Others are specifically structured for special populations such as gifted, at-risk or students with disabilities. Montessori, Arts, and Science/Technology curriculums are among the many learning choices available within Brevard’s charter schools.  Charter school students can also enjoy the total school experience of various sports, clubs and extracurricular activities.  The following charter schools offer additional choices in public school education for Brevard County’s parents and students.

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