Brevard County Public Schools recognizes that parents know what’s best for their children. That’s why we don’t restrict a student’s educational choices to school zones. Our Choice Schools/Programs, Magnet Schools, and Charter Schools empower parents to decide the best learning environment for their child regardless of where they live in the school district. We believe in giving students a competitive advantage at every level. You may be surprised to discover how creative our teachers can get to get through to students and how motivated students become when they find a way to relate to knowledge on their terms. The end result is the ability to custom build your child’s education — from elementary through high school graduation — by selecting schools, services and programs that best suit your child’s interests, learning style, talents and aptitudes.

School Choice is more than a philosophy — it’s the programs and tools of a 21st century education that prepares students for success in a rapidly-changing and complex world.

Choice Application Fee Information and Payment.

As a service to our families, we are providing a link to a possible resource choice students may wish to consider. BPS does not endorse the services being offered and any agreements parents enter into are solely with the company and not BPS. Any and all questions regarding these services should be directed to the contact listed in this document.

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